Kind Words

For those who would like to speak
with a woman a who has used our services,
references are available on request.

Vera has love and gratitude for what clients, their families and babies have contributed to her life. Clients’ choices, experiences and kind words have inspired her to continue growing as a human-being and doing the work she loves. She has found working with women, their families and babies a dance that both partners benefit.

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You have assisted and supported our daughter in the birthing of our 3 grandchildren.  Each birth different …  and special. The nurturing and care that you provide, not only to mother and baby, but to the whole family, is very reassuring and unique. You encourage women to become more intuitive, which is important. Thank you for your commitment and love to our family. – Rata and Graeme, May 2018

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful care and guidance before, during and after the arrival our baby.

We felt informed and empowered throughout this brand new experience and are grateful to have had your as our care provider. While we were initially uncertain about home birth, it turned into a wonderful ‘unplanned’ experience. – Emel, Travis and Olin, March 2018

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It has been a pleasure having you with us on our journey.  We have learnt so much from you. Thank you for your love and support. – Julia,Tako and family, November 2017

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Thank you for your competence and your confidence.  When I felt fear and had doubts your positive energy literally lifted me.  We have learned so much from you.  It’s been life changing.  You helped make our dream come true, a dream we came to share J  Tasha, Chue and Gaia. June 2017

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We would like to express our deepest gratitude for all that you are doing for us. You are one amazing, loving, kind and knowledgeable person. Without you our experience of giving birth to Benjamin just would not have been so beautiful…  I felt safe throughout my experience.  You will always stay in our hearts. – Martina, Martin and Benjamin. May 2017

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Thank you for coming into my life and for showing me how strong I can be.  This last birth made me feel like I can accomplish anything in this world….  I felt powerful and calm at the same time… Blessed to have met you and have you as my midwife.  Poya and Drar family January, 2017

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Thank you for all the loving care you gave our whole family. The birth was a wonderful experience we will never forget. Much Love – Ashley, Eric, Sarah and of course, Charlotte. January 2017.

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“Thank-you Vera for being such an important part of my journey.

I am very conservative, so I was unsure about using a midwife for the birth of my son. Vera ended up being the midwife for both of my children. The first was an emergency c-section that Vera literally held my hand the entire time. Her follow-up visits were amazing – she even brought me essential oil to help with my headaches. For my second birth, she encouraged my decision to attempt a vaginal birth after c-section. We had a successful vbac, which was largely due to Vera and her persistence. She was my biggest advocate and I always felt as though she was on my side. Following the birth, I had a few complications with the epidural. Vera called the hospital immediately to ensure that I received immediate after care, which allowed me to enjoy my daughter the first few days that she was home. A moment that one may only be blessed with a few times in life.

Vera holds a very, very special spot in my heart and I will always fondly remember the birth of my children and having Vera be a part of it.” – Sandy Shokar July 2016

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“Vera was our midwife and assisted in delivering our daughter with Dr. Donnelly at Lions Gate hospital three months ago. She was a great advocate for my choice to try vaginal breech birth and I credit her encouragement and wisdom to my actually being able to do it. My partner and I will be forever grateful to Vera! If you’re looking for a midwife on the North Shore, ours was a wonderful experience!”  Erin, Tim and Adelaide – May 2016

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“Vera – Thank you so much for everything throughout my pregnancy and birth. Your calm and encouraging attitude was always so comforting to me and so appreciated.
Much love, Celina and Alex” – 2015

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Vera – We are so grateful that we chose you to journey with us! Thank you so much for your incredible patience, guidance and knowledge and most of all for your part in the safe arrival of our dear Bodhi.
Lyndsey and Ashley, 2015

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I would like to share my experience as a first-time mom with my midwife.
Overall, I found my midwife to be integral to my health during pregnancy, my pain coping during labour and birth, and my recovery and transition postpartum. In particular I found my midwife’s expert medical advice, prenatal nutrition recommendation, book loans, fetal check-ups, listening & reassurement, and coaching during labour essential to me and my baby’s physical and emotional health.
One specific memory I treasure is how my midwife brought a fragrant rose to my birth to help me relax and cope with pain. It made me feel so special.

I recommend having a midwife to everyone I know. I will absolutely have a midwife for my next pregnancy.

Thank-you for listening,
Laura and baby Aayla Friesen, 2014

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There is so much we appreciated about collaborating with Vera during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It was a really empowering experience for me and I could not have asked for better support people and midwives throughout this journey. I found Vera brings to her practice a wonderful balance of heart, professionalism, evidence-based decision making, respect and laughter (I could go on…)

Thank you Vera and colleagues for the amazing support provided to us throughout our experience!
– Brianna, Tarmo, Rea Laine and Aussie, November 2013

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I had the privilege of working with Vera through both my pregnancies and deliveries and I have only positive things to say about midwifery care and about Vera and her practice in particular. Working with a midwife gives you top notch medical care, while also providing you with the time and space to address the myriad of issues surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Vera strikes a balance between professionalism and warmth. She believes in empowering the women she works with to embrace the natural process of childbirth. I found her to be an educator and a coach that always entrusted the final decisions to the parents.

Working with Vera you begin to trust your own instincts and it is simply wonderful to enter the confusing world of parenthood with this basic trust in yourself. Vera has a wealth of experience and information at her fingertips and was able to provide comprehensive answers to almost any question I asked. When she felt she needed more information, she would take the time to consult her peers or utilize other resources to find an answer. Vera’s support after the birth was as valuable to me, as to what I received beforehand. There were times when I found breastfeeding challenging. Vera was either visiting me or responding to my email queries within a couple of days.

My two year old son often accompanied me to my midwife appointments and now, five months later, he still asks to go to Vera’s house! I feel the same way – I’m almost tempted to have a third child just to have the privilege of working with this wonderful woman again.
– Jocelyn L, November 2013

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My name is Diamond Paye, I am 39 years old and have been a North Shore resident for four years. My wife Susana and I had arrived from the U.K as a newly married couple. Susana was just starting her fourth month as an expectant mother. Coming from the U.K, I had been made well aware of the role the midwife undertakes, as it is an institution that goes back traditionally many years. I was extremely pleased that Susana had found the very same service in Vancouver and to put the cherry on the cake, by an individual that initially pioneered this service here.

With no family or friends to assist us in our new roles as expectant parents, Vera Berard could have had a cape and a big M (for Midwife) on the front of her T-shirt and I would have agreed that it suit her! From the first day I was invited to meet Vera and her staff at Midwifery Care North Shore I was absolutely given the friend and family that was missing. I felt supported, I was educated, given the insight to how important my role is throughout the process and how valuable a father and husband is to the mother and child. After several appointments and home visits by Vera and her colleagues, I felt totally prepared for my role and looked forward to the big day. I felt supported by caring professionals who I wanted to be part of our experience. I felt a sense of trust and confidence in them and that I could not go wrong if I followed their lead. During my wife’s labour, I then realized who was actually doing the hard work! Suzanna did a fantastic job birthing.

I was given the opportunity to hold my newly born baby girl skin-to-skin. To any expectant father out there considering midwifery care, I recommend this above anything else, it is truly the most moving experience I have ever had….our second baby girl is now over a year old. My family was again well supported by Vera Berard and Midwifery Care North Shore. I will cherish all these memories for the rest of my life.
Thank you Vera
– Diamond Paye, June 2013

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Our experience with Vera as primary care provider through my first pregnancy was outstanding. From the first day we met her, I knew we were in good hands. Despite running a solo practice, Vera was always right there to address our concerns, answer our questions and guide us through informed decision making. At the birth, Vera was a strong and supportive presence. She helped guide me through labour, and always knew what to do, say and suggest as things got intense. Due to an unexpected complication partway through my labour, I nearly had to have a caesarean section. Thanks to Vera’s experience and intuition, the complication was resolved without intervention and I was able to deliver my daughter naturally. I will always be grateful to Vera for helping me have the birth experience I had hoped for and envisioned. During the post-partum weeks, Vera offered a wealth of information and lots of encouragement to us as new parents. Her post-partum group care is a great environment to connect with other parents and learn from each other, and has helped us settle into this next stage of our lives. Vera’s extensive experience, deep knowledge, strong but supportive demeanor and great sense of humour make her a fantastic midwife. We would whole-heartedly recommend her to others, and look forward to returning to her care in the future.
– Lucia, Paulo and Maya A., April 2013

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Both my daughters were born with the care of Midwifery Care North Shore…the first one almost 13 years ago. Vera’s care then caused me to seek her out again last year when I found out I was pregnant–actually before that when I was just thinking about it… This time I had the wonderful care of both Vera and Jill, who delivered my second beautiful babe 11 weeks ago. Vera and Jill provide the perfect balance of professional medical care, and nurturing. I felt heard, supported, thoroughly cared for, and trusted, as I trusted both these wonderful midwives. I am so very grateful for their parts in my beautiful pregnancies and births. Both my births were planned home births. It was wonderful to feel safe to labour and deliver in the comfort of my own home, and cuddle up in bed right after. Vera and Jill also came to us for the first several post partum visits, which were so encouraging and warm, until I was ready to visit at their office. I highly recommend the care of Vera and Jill at Midwifery Care North Shore.
– Michelle H. April 2012

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Vera and Jill provided a welcoming, calm space of caring and understanding. During my pregnancy I was able to take time to discuss the questions that were important to me during my prenatal visits. I felt supported in my decisions, and listened to around my concerns. I was provided with information materials and DVDs to satisfy my curiosity and answer my questions. Vera was emotionally very supportive and provided a lot of guidance during the birthing process. She helped me by saying encouraging words, by suggesting different labor positions, by showing me how to breathe and suggesting bathtub time when I most needed it. When our baby boy was born, the midwifes were amazing at providing breastfeeding support and making sure that no matter the challenges I might experience at first, I will arrive at my goal of breastfeeding my baby. The postpartum group sessions proved to be very reassuring for me as a new mother and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet other new moms and share experience with them. I felt completely supported by my midwifery care. It was a real gift to be able to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy nine pound baby boy who was born at home. I wouldn’t have managed nearly so well without the support of Vera and Jill.
– Mariya S., March 2012

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When I first rang the bell at Midwifery Care North Shore and a toddler in diapers ran across the hall, I knew I was at the right place. During the nine months of my pregnancy I met with Vera Berard regularly at her beautiful office space and got to know her quite well. She was a warm and trusting presence at my baby’s birth, firm but encouraging when I felt like I could not go on. Vera was the absolute best midwife for me! Both midwives played a large part in my pregnancy. They made lots of time for my appointments and answered any questions I may have had. Once my baby was born, in the 8 weeks that followed, I had the pleasure of also working with Kathy McGrenera at the weekly postpartum group session. This was an opportunity for me to get out of the house and meet other moms. Kathy was always there to facilitate the group and offer helpful tips, while moms and babies took turns meeting with one of the midwives. It is nice to know there is a place to go if I feel like I need to check in. Overall I couldn’t have been happier with Midwifery Care North Shore. My pregnancy, birth and postpartum period were an amazing experience, largely because of them. I would recommend this caring practice to anyone looking for personalized prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum care.
– Rachel P., February 2012

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I just wanted to send a HUGE thank-you to Vera, Jill and Kathy all of whom had a part in my prenatal/postnatal care while I was with Midwifery Care North Shore. I was pregnant with my third and decided that this time around I wanted to go with a midwife rather than a doctor and I am so very happy I made that decision and would highly recommend to any pregnant mom-to-be. I found the care to be very much more personal than with my first 2 children and you could tell that they REALLY cared and respected me….not the ok, next patient feel. I was treated as a person rather than a patient. Once again, thank you to Midwifery Care North Shore for allowing me to be in the driver’s seat and for the exemplary care and support I received!
– Tanya Izatt , December 2011

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Midwifery Care North Shore has been my guiding light through all 3 of my pregnancies and births. My midwives feel like family after the outstanding care and support they’ve provided me and my family over the past 6 years. My first birth was a scheduled C-section due to breech presentation. I’m happy to say that my second and third births were vaginal births. Vera held my hand and supported me every step of the way through my first birth: a scheduled C-section. I was comforted to have a known care-provider with me in the operating room. For my second and third pregnancies, I was provided with the knowledge and encouragement needed to go forward with my healthy VBACs. Vera’s years of experience came shining through for my second VBAC – which was very quick and overwhelming – She was as cool-as-a-cucumber and really took control of the situation, leading me to trust my body and birth my baby very quickly. Brynne was with me for hours during my first VBAC. Honestly, what other health care provider than a midwife would be by your side for 12+ hours? I was guided with gentle wisdom and intuition toward my first successful VBAC. During this birth, I was helped to embrace what was occurring, as opposed to holding on to the kind of birth story I was expecting/trying to control. I’d be remiss not to mention the exemplary postnatal care provided by Midwifery Care North Shore team! Their knowledge of breastfeeding and newborn care is second to none. You will be blown away with the home visits, as well as opportunities to network with others during their postpartum group. It is without a doubt that I highly recommend Midwifery Care North Shore to anyone expecting a child. From the thoughtful clinic appointments where all questions – even the ‘stupid’ ones – are answered without feeling rushed, to the outstanding knowledge of pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, this midwifery team is one of the best in the business. I will always cherish the support and wisdom I gained.
– Jenny Schafer Apr, 2011

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I was almost three months pregnant when we moved to Canada. Before our move, I had found out that in BC women had the option to choose between working with an M.D. or a midwife. When I told my husband about this option, he was extremely eager that we make an appointment with a midwife. I had my reservations, mainly because I did not know anyone who had midwifery care. A couple weeks after we moved to the North Shore, we met with the midwives. In fact, they were one of the first people we met here. After our interview we were certain that we wanted midwifery care. I feel the need to write a recommendation about Midwifery Care North Shore because we had an amazingly positive experience. Our midwives were extremely knowledgeable, confident, and professional. In my journey into motherhood I thought I was going to be provided with a list of what-to-do’s and don’ts. As soon as I met with our midwives I realized that this was not their style of providing care. They took an objective and respectful stance to any decision we made. They provided us with information and supported us in our choices. Their warmth and empathic engagement made it such a memorable experience for us. When I look back, I realize that their support in allowing me to ‘own’ my experience while providing professional guidance prepared me in being a mother who trusts her own inner knowing. And, yes, if there is a next time, without a doubt, we’ll call to schedule our prenatal care with Midwifery Care North Shore!
– Melis, 2009