Welcome to Midwifery Care North Shore

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Vera and her colleagues at Midwifery Care North Shore (MCNS) understand that growing your family can give rise to ecstatic joy, disbelief, a multitude of questions and much else. Pregnancy, birth and early postpartum is a transitional time and we as midwives feel privileged to use our professional knowledge, skills and connections to accompany women and their families on this journey.

Every woman and every birth is different. The care at MCNS is intended to be a partnership that meets the individual needs of each pregnant woman so that she may have a healthy and safe pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This personalized service includes home and hospital birth, water birth, as well as breastfeeding and early parenting support. We believe in informed decision making and actively involving women in their care.

Our services are paid for by BC Medical Services Plan and supported by Lions Gate Hospital’s maternity unit for North Vancouver and West Vancouver residents; although we are also able to offer care to women living in Vancouver, Burnaby, Bowen Island and the Sea to Sky Corridor who are prepared to travel.

Midwife Vera Berard RN, RM, MA (Midwifery) and colleagues welcome you to explore our website and to connect with us via any of the contact options available. Clicking on the highlighted colored words will bring up additional information.

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Since our return from holiday, I continue to enjoy crocheting. My crochet critter menagerie has grown to include two mythical unicorns, as well as four snails. Folk have been curious to know why, of all creatures, snails. Well, I value small creatures as much as large ones. I like snail symbolism too. Being one of few creatures that carry their spiral houses around with them, symbolically snails represent the cycle of life. Including finding one’s home within oneself, taking time to enjoy and make the best of life’s journey. Furthermore, snails are considered symbolic of fertility, abundance and things coming into fruition – what could be more apropos reminders to a midwife holding the space for women and babies and whose work requires patience and flexibility. (more…)

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Reflections on a Holiday of a Life-Time

Who gets to leave a solo-midwifery practice and go away from home for an 8-week vacation? I am that fortunate being… When my husband decided that he wanted to spend a small retirement windfall on a trip back to our motherland (for his brother’s 70th birthday and to connect with our respective family members and old friends), in some of Africa’s beautiful and pristine wilderness areas. I had my doubts… ‘Could my practice be covered for that long? Could we afford the cost of vacation and covering a business?’. ‘This is important to me…’ he responded. Visiting Botswana’s Okavango has been a life-long desire of his and an experience that I agreed could easily be added to my bucket list. The African bush and wild life is a love in my life too. I also recognized that we needed time together and that we shared a desire to connect with our roots. (more…)

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