Congratulations on your pregnancy! Vera and her colleagues at Midwifery Care North Shore (MCNS) understand that growing your family can give rise to ecstatic joy, disbelief, a multitude of questions and much else. Pregnancy, birth and early postpartum is a transitional time and we as midwives feel privileged to use our professional knowledge, skills and connections to accompany women and their families on this journey.

Every woman and every birth is different. The care at MCNS is designed to meet the individual needs of each pregnant woman so that she may have a healthy and safe pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This personalized service includes home and hospital birth, water birth, as well as breastfeeding and early parenting support. We believe in informed decision making and actively involving women in their care.

Our services are paid for by BC Medical Services Plan and supported by Lions Gate Hospital’s maternity unit for North Vancouver and West Vancouver residents; although we are also able to offer care to women living in Vancouver, Burnaby, Bowen Island and the Sea to Sky Corridor who are prepared to travel.

Midwife Vera Berard RN, RM, MA (Midwifery) and colleagues welcome you to explore our website and to connect with us via any of the contact options available. Clicking on the highlighted colored words will bring up additional information.


Vera is currently booking...

Vera is currently booking clients who are due beginning of June 2014 and onwards. Occasionally a spot becomes available in an earlier month - regardless of due date - women interested in midwifery services are encouraged to ask.

Vera is also excited to announce that she is collaborating with the NS Women Center to assist with their cervical screening program. This community service is offered to women who avoid vaginal examinations and PAP tests in doctors’ offices and to women who have been MCNS clients. It is a free service for women who have no health insurance. North Shore gynecologist Dr Emily Hoyer has agreed to take referrals when necessary. Please contact Sharon Stephens to find out more about the NS Women’s Center Health Program. Her details can be found at:

On a more personal level, this summer Vera found herself embracing her connection to her community, as her smaller midwifery practice has offered her the opportunity to live ‘local’ with her work. She has always enjoyed walking her dog and cycling with her husband, but over the summer she has greatly appreciated the opportunity to walk or cycle to clients' homes and Lions Gate Hospital. Bumping into a neighborhood mother who introduced Vera to her teenagers as "the midwife who was with me when I was pregnant and who received you as you were being born…" reminded her that it is the journey ‘with women and their families’ that she loves.

Vera has also enjoyed spending the summer and fall gardening with her Quayside neighbours. She thinks that the African proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is just as relevant in creating sustainable communities. Besides relishing the yummy whole food that was produced, she truly appreciated the chance to better live her values and was glad for her family, friends, neighbors, clients and colleagues who cherish local living.

Tribute Donations

Vera and colleagues appreciate client photos and comments about their experiences with MCNS. These can be uploaded onto our Facebook gallery. For those who wish to celebrate their child’s birth, MCNS welcomes tribute donations being made on our behalf to local charities such as:

Thank you for coming to our Jill's appreciation event.

Thank you all for coming. We've uploaded a photo gallery of that day on our Facebook page!
You can view it here.

Jill worked in Midwifery Care North Shore from November 2011 to December 2012. She moved onto The Midwifery Group in Vancouver in January 2013, when it became clear that midwifery hospital privileges on the North Shore were limited to locum privileges. Vera appreciates the contribution that Jill made to MCNS.